Agro Products

Our efficiency is logic:

– Deliveries directly from farmers, manufacturers and processors, excluding any intermediate parties;

– We make every effort to deliver the highest quality products on a reliable and consistent basis.

– Optimization of the supply chain through careful planning of transportation, taking into account specifics of each stage;

– Personal control of quality, packaging and shipping conditions.

– We are not limited to a single country market, so we find goods where it is cheaper now;

– All our products are certified with Halal

– Slaughter production facilities are up to EU Quality, and many are equipped with European-made plant and equipment. Subject to the appropriate notice they are open for customer inspection.

– By arrangement, we pack cargo in bags or big-bags;

– We can put your trade mark or logo to any of our product packing;

– We maintain and strengthen good relationships with all international container traffic operators on markets of interest.