Phoenix Group leverages a wealth of experience to help you grow your import/export business by delivering a broad range of international guarantee and financing services. We offer you:

– a vast network of 3,000 banking correspondents worldwide,

– Specialist teams that apply their knowledge of the conditions, local laws and practices of countries to offer you solutions tailored to your needs,

– High-performance and easy-to-use services via our Trade Services portal.

Domestic and international guarantees

Phoenix Group offers all types of bank guarantees for importers and exporters, such as demand guarantees, sureties and standby letters of credit.


You can also manage sureties, guarantees, standby letters of credit and document delivery by using our Trade Services portal.

Specialized legal and technical teams are on hand to help guide you through the various processes.

Documentary credits

Documentary credits are vital supports for guaranteeing your international transactions and are recognized worldwide. We verify and promise to process the received documents strictly according to the terms of the documentary credit.

To effectively guarantee export payments (provided the exporter complies with the documentary credit terms and conditions), we can also confirm export documentary credits.

You can also manage your import/export documentary credit transactions online via the Trade Services portal.  For import transactions, you can create, update and keep track of your files. For export transactions, you acknowledge delivery and follow up on line those documentary credits received in your favor. 


Cash against document

For import operations, when a documentary credit has been received in your favor we inform you swiftly so that you can give us payment instructions and notice of acceptance.


As regards export operations, we arrange for payment and presentation of documents so you can take possession of your merchandise.


Focus on import-export transactions with China

  • Trade transactions in Riminbi

Phoenix Group assists you with financing your international trade transactions in Renminbi from both France as well as Asia (at our Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai offices) by leveraging our comprehensive range of trade finance products and services:


  • Notification and/or confirmation of export documentary credits and/or stand-by letters of credit,
  • Discounting of export letters of credit,
  • Issuance of import documentary credits and/or stand-by letters of credit,
  • Issuance of market guarantees,
  • Import and export documentary collection service,

Trade Services portal

Carry out your trade finance transactions using our Trade Services portal which you can access at

  • You manage your export documentary credit transactions by setting up, updating and keeping track of files,
  • You execute your export documentary credit transactions by receiving and following up documentary credits established in your favor,
  • You record your orders and integrate the data in a letter of credit involving the same supplier and the same currency,
  • You implement your sureties and guarantees.

Hub to Asia

Open up the gates to Asia and: 

– Facilitate access of your Asia-based purchasing department to documentary credit transactions.

– Take advantage of local market practices and regulations.


Phoenix Group works in partnership with J.P. Morgan to cater to your requirements for import documentary credit transactions issued from Asia.